New BestPractice Nordic



In collaboration with our excellent writers, editors and the entire BestPractice Nordic team we have worked hard, since beginning of this year, to develop a new arena and platform for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals, who use us, to share their knowledge and best practice with each other.

The first visuals you encounter as a new curious medical student are the classic anatomy illustrations in the Sobotta Atlas of Human Anatomy. It is our experience, that the educated eagerness to learn and share does not diminish, as they finish medical school and build up their clinical experience and intuition – quite the contrary.

A core element in our new visual expression is therefore based on Sobotta’s design language, combined with a modern graphic style and clear Nordic colors. The visual expression tells the story of BestPractice Nordic – and that story is best explained in our updated mission, which we, together with all of you, who contribute, strive for every day:

Share clinical knowledge and best practice to improve health and patient care

For ytterligere informasjon, kontakt:

Peter Bøgkjær, CEO & Partner, mobil (+45) 2045 7262, mail

Charlotte F. Knudtzen, CMO & Partner, mobil (+45) 61394747, mail