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BestPractice Nordic | Independent clinical perspective in a national context

How does pharma ensure new knowledge is shared in clinical practice when new indications, diagnostic and treatment options are approved?

This is the challenge pharma faces, but it is also the key to market access success. A process COVID-19 has not made any easier.

BestPractice Nordic can help meet this challenge, as we facilitate this dialogue with the specialists. It is the backbone of our mission to improve public health and patient care by offering an arena where doctors, specialists, nurses and health professionals can share clinical knowledge and best practice with each other:

BestPractice Nordic | Share clinical knowledge and best practice to improve health and patient care

Among other things, this is primarily what distinguishes BestPractice Nordic from other medias in the healthcare sector. BestPractice Nordic publish current and clinically relevant knowledge and data about new treatments, scientific studies, new indications, guidelines, best practice and other initiatives that can optimize patient treatment.

However our content is not produced by journalists! But it is created in collaboration with or by independent well-known editorial boards and specialists, who are all key opinion leaders or rising stars within their specialty – it ensures proximity and relevance. We cooperate with editorial offices of 11 specialties in all the Nordic countries, which also helps to ensure a high professional level.

The focus of this collaboration is also to ensure that international data, research or guidelines are always interpreted and presented in accordance with national clinical practice, so that all users can stay up to date on the latest, but in particular also have access to a national perspective of what studies and new data can mean in their daily work.

BestPractice Nordic’s platform is editorially neutral and is financed through advertisements, sponsorships and donations. The individual specialist’s assessment does not necessarily cover BestPractice Nordic views, but can only be seen as an expression of the writer’s point of view.

The more than 40,000 users are spread over four countries and 11 specialties, which via specialty-oriented pages stay updated with new data, knowledge and best practice in their field. Articles, videos, podcasts, quizzes and congressional coverage are behind the login and can only be accessed by doctors, nurses and other health professionals. We also send out magazines to all doctors, specialists, nurses, pharmacies and other health professionals. See our release schedule here

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