The introduction of upgraded MS diagnostic criteria from conservative to more liberal ones have given a dramatic shortening of time from MS onset to diagnosis in parallel with the adoption of new diagnostic criteria in Sweden, in recent decades.

Detecting rare MOG specific T-cells in MS

The aim of this study is to develop and test a sensitive method able to detect rare Myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein specific T-cells in MS.

Efficacy of satralizumab as monotherapy

Jeffrey L Bennett present in this MEDtalk the result of a randomised, double-blind, Phase 3 clinical trial comparing satralizumab monotherapy with placebo according to protocol-defined relapse.

Jette Lautrup Frederiksen

Kan vacciner disponere for sklerose eller udløse et attak? I denne MEDtalk redegør Jette Lautrup Frederiksen for, at den viden der er i dag, er der ikke dokumentation for, at vacciner øger risikoen for sklerose eller for et sklerose-attak i en kortere tidsperspektiv efter vaccination. Det er dog fortsat uafklaret, om der er en risiko på længere sigt.

In this MEDtalk Per Soelberg Sørensen present data from a international, multi-center where patients with active relapsing remitting, secondary progressive (SP) or primary progressive MS was treatet with Mesenchymal stem cells.

Cognitive deficits are common symptoms in multiple sclerosis (MS), and evident even in the early phases of the disease. For patients, this is often a significant problem. In this MEDtalk Päivi Hämäläinen discusses the evidence on as well as challenges of task-specific cognitive training and strategy training in MS.